Rainbow Meditation

Yeshua came to me with this meditation…so, I channeled as he guided.  I love this meditation.  I feel extremely energized and renewed whenever I take the time to sit with this meditation.

This meditation is meant to assist with bringing balance within the energy centers/chakras.

Greetings!  I Am the one you may know as Yeshua.   I am Grateful for your attention.

We will begin by relaxing the body and the mind.

We will breathe together…please breathe in deeply with me. Breathe in through the nose….Breathe out through the mouth. Breathe in for a count of 6.  Breathe out to a count of 6. Breathe in my Light… Breathe out the tension.

As we breathe in and breathe out, we relax the body.

We will start with the head, please relax the crown, relax the scalp, relax the face, cheeks, the jaw.

Please follow along…your body will know what to do as you read and hear my words..

Now…Relax the neck.

Relax the shoulders.  Relax the arms. Relax the back.  Feel the flow of relaxation move down the body.

Relax the chest. Relax the torso. Relax the hips.

Feel the release as you breathe out the tension.

We focus on our breathing and our relaxation.

Relax the legs. Relax the feet….feeling all  the tension leave through the feet.

Now we relax the mind. We tell the conscious mind to relax now. We tell the conscious mind to quiet now…

Now that we are sufficiently relaxed, we will begin with seeing the colors of the rainbow.

We envision the reds, the oranges, the yellows, the greens, the blues, the indigo, the purple… Envision the colors of the rainbow. Envision a rainbow in your mind.

We will wash our bodies in the colors of the rainbow.

We will begin with the red…..bathe into the red of the rainbow.

Dive into the color, feel it all around you, see it, feel it, feel the red wash over you.

Feel any release as you feel the red permeate through your being from head to toe.

Now move up into the orange. Relax yourself in the orange, in the bright orange.

Feel the sensation of the orange as you dive into it as a pool of water.

Spend a moment bathing in the beautiful orange…

Now move into the yellow. Feel the brightness, feel the coolness of the yellow.

Feel it wash over your being.

Swim in the yellow, swim in the bright yellow color.

Feel the coolness of the yellow.

Now move into the green.

Dive into the green pool. Feel the green all around you.

Feel the bright green as it permeates through the body.

See the colors, feel the colors, bring them in, breathe in the colors, breathe it into your whole body.

Feel the sensation as you swim in the green.

Now move into the blue.

Feel the brightness of the blue.

Feel the blue all around you.

Breathe it in, feel the blue, feel it permeate through your being.

See it enter your pores.

See it enter your body.

Now move into the indigo Light.

See the Indigo Light all around you.

See the indigo, feel it, taste it, breathe it in.

Swim in the indigo Light.

Wash your body in the indigo Light.

Feel the healing powers of the indigo Light.

Feel the indigo Light wash away all tensions, all darkness, all negativity.

See the Light radiate from your pores as you wash yourself in it.

See the Light shine forth from your eyes.

See the indigo Light shine forth from every pore of your being.

Now move into the violet/purple.

Feel the healing power of the purple, of the Violet Light.

Bathe in the violet/purple Light.

See the beauty of the violet colors.

See the colors.

Feel the intensity.

Breathe in the purple, breathe in the violet.

Taste the colors.

Feel the colors.

Radiate this Light from within.

Feel and see it enter your being, feel and see it radiate through you.

Now become a free flowing vessel of all the colors.

Move freely with all the colors of the rainbow…all the colors of the charkas.

Bathe in these colors.

We thank our Creator for these colors. We thank Mother Goddess for these colors.

We move back now to the body and bring these colors with us.

We radiate them from our energy centers, from our chakras.

We extend these colors freely in our chakras, in our energy centers.

We Are the colors of the rainbow.

I AM the One named Yeshua.  I bring Many Blessings. I send my Undying Love.

Thank you dearest Yeshua.

Channeled through Sharon Sananda Kumara


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3 thoughts on “Rainbow Meditation

  1. I love this one Sharon,thank you 🙂 Ok I’m off to bed now,I have enjoyed your site,I hope if you find time you will post some of these on my site and put the link to your site. much love Kerrie xxx

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