Merlin Dream


Merlin Dream and conversation with my guide after

I was standing on the Tor at Glastonbury, and talking to the Merlin of those times. I believe that *Merlin* is a title, and there were many Merlins in those days. My dream was so vivid and real. We were standing face to face, and he was very tall, with a long gray beard. He was wearing robes, and so was I. I was talking in the dialect from those times, too. I felt a great love and respect for him.  I don’t remember what we talked about.  I felt  a very clear heart connection with him.  I also felt that we communicated more thru intuition than thru our words.  

When I woke, I connected to my guidance about my dream, and I rec’d fromthat it was a memory.  I also rec’d that that reading or watching these types of period stories will bring past life memories to the surface.  (Note: I was reading The Mists of Avalon.) I also rec’d that my step-father was the Merlin I was talking to in that lifetime.

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