Helping Souls on the Other Side into the Light

I’ve always had the strong knowing derived from the work I do as a psychic medium that there are so many souls that are still attached to the lower earth planes without any awareness of how to move into the higher planes.

With this awareness I’ve recently been heavily involved with helping groups of departed souls that need help moving into the Light using EVP (electronic voice phenomena) technology and verbal guidance.  With our new digital technology and all the wonderful things we can do with EVP, I can now also hear physically on a recording, first off, sadly, many pleas for help…which is what first caught my attention.

And gratefully with the assistance of AA Michael, AA Gabriel and Yeshua, and many other non-physical helpers, the voices of those that are helped into the Light.

Together, we are able to guide those that are willing to follow this guidance into the Light!  And to confirm all this I  hear these souls sheer amazement when they ‘see’ the Light.

And each time, to my utter amazement, I hear their many cries of joy and gratitude when they become aware of, and enter into the Light!

I know this may be difficult to believe for some people, and it may have been for me if I wasn’t experiencing this myself, but I am also able to capture the Heavenly Music and the resounding voices of AA Michael and AA Gabriel and Yeshua with what sounds like a portal opening up with the arrival of the Light!   Here is a sample:

I hear the voices of many souls expressing that they see Jesus!  Since I have a Christian background, but am not religious at all, I do feel that this is the vibration of the souls that I’m attracting when I start a session.

This is such a fantastic feat, I can’t express into words how this makes me feel when I hear these voices expressing their sheer joy and gratitude!

I mention this because, I believe this work has a lot to do with my recent OOBE’s.

Also, the book I began recently which I mention in my 1st OOBE experience in my previous blog post begins his book with this statement:

“By the time you have finished reading this introduction three thousand people will have died on our planet. By the end of the day their numbers could populate a small town if they were to gather in one place. The vast majority of these people will have no idea of what has happened to them and what is going to happen after their body has been recycled. Our ignorance about our future destiny when we die is problematic because it is the source of much fear, uncertainty and suffering.”

Ziewe, Jurgen. Vistas of Infinity – How to Enjoy Life When You Are Dead (p. 9). Kindle Edition.

When I read this first chapter, my heart skipped a few beats, as this confirms everything I was getting from my sessions, as well as the many messages I have received from my EVP’s. I’ve also heard from what sound to me like guides relaying messages that there are many on the earth plane that need assistance due to fear and panic.  Her is one audio message from what I discerned in part that I received in an EVP “ the affected are afraid or do not want to lose the illusion of the 3rd dimension…the truth is in the Light.”

I want to say that anyone with pure intent, trust and a digital recorder can do this.  If this is your calling, there are many souls that need your help.



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3 thoughts on “Helping Souls on the Other Side into the Light

    • Hi Kerrie,
      From what I understand, people who are very attached to the earth plane via bad addictions, intense fear and guilt, anger, revenge, severe depression, intense trauma, etc may not be able to see their angels, guides and loved ones. They appear to them as if in a dream like they can to us here, so they may dismiss them as that…a dream. Their focus and attention is still very much attached to the earth plane, just like they were in physical life. That’s why it’s easier for them to see and hear people like us that are communicating to them from the earth plane. Where they go is from what I understand the dimension or frequency that is just above the physical plane. They either are not aware that they’ve died, or they don’t want to accept that they’ve died, or are very confused due to trauma, or are very afraid of being judged. I do believe that everyone eventually gets the help they need to move up in vibration and find the Light. Just like in physical life, when they are ready or have an awareness that they can move out of their lower vibrational creation. But, what may seem like years and years…even hundreds of years to us can be no time at all for them. Some souls can also live in a perpetual “time” loop trying to change the circumstances of their death, not being able to accept the circumstances for whatever reason. I understand that our beliefs and our frame of mind at our death will determine our frequency when we leave our physical body. Just like in physical life. Our minds create our reality. There are definitely helpers for us, but just like in physical life, the person needs to accept and want the help. That’s what I understand, anyway. And yes, they can be ghosts haunting places for whatever reason, but I believe that most are just going about their daily lives as if nothing has happened. So, the word trapped would mainly refer to the souls being trapped in their belief system or mindset. And sadly, sometimes spirits/people are trapped by other spirits/people, or held hostage. But, again the people that are “trapped” or held hostage do not understand that they’ve died and can move out of the situation. They are still “trapped” in the situation they were in when they lost their lives. It’s a very sad thing to think about, and that’s why I dedicate my life to helping release spirit souls from their self imposed prisons. They don’t have a lot of people on the physical plane who understand how to help them, or even know that they can help them, or will trust that they are helping them because they can’t see, feel, hear them physically. So, I hope that by sharing my experiences it might prompt awareness, for not only those that are across the veil, but also it’s very important for all of us here to understand what to do when we die to be able to rise above the astral planes. Again, this is just what I understand from my experiences and my guidance. I hope this helps. I will also post this on your ning group in response to your questions there. I hadn’t had a chance to get to that until now. Love you!

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