Do you have questions about love, family, health, spiritual choices, and life in general?

Sharon Sananda Kumara is a psychic medium and healer living in Portland, Oregon. She uses her intuitive gifts to help others find answers to the most difficult questions.

About Psychic Medium Sharon Sananda Kumara - Portland, OR

Welcome to my website!

My name is Sharon Sananda Kumara. I remembered the name of Sharon Sananda Kumara in 2003 when I was working intensely with my guides on what they termed my Quickening.

I've compiled this site with the intent of sharing my experiences, my gifts and just my musings, in the hopes that any of it might help any who come here with their life journey on this beautiful planet, we call Mother Earth.

- Sharon Sananda Kumara

Psychic Services - Portland, OR

Session Rates

You will find a break down of each of Sharons session rates. Make a payment to Sharon using PayPal.

Psychic Readings

Sharon Sananda is a gifted psychic and medium, and has been helping people with her readings since 1999.

Angel & Ascended Master Readings

Sharon can help you connect with your angels, and higher level of vibrational being.

Past Life Therapy with Soul Retrieval

As an intuit, Sharon works with people on an intuitive level. She is guided by higher guidance to help others practice soul aspect retrieval.

Psychic Visions & Insights - Portland, OR


Sharon helps with channels and vibrational messages that are meant to trigger awakenings within the soul. 


Sharon describes how meditations have been given to her directly from the Ascended Masters and Archangels, and how they can be used for our benefit and enjoyment. 


Sharon explains how she uses out of body experiences, and shares some of her own experiences.

Dreams & Visions

Sharon explains what dream-time experiences are all about and how they help her in her own life journey.


Psychic Tools & Resources - Portland, OR


Here are some resourceful links on a variety of subjects. 

Workshops and Events

Sharon frequently organizes workshops and events in the Portland, Oregon area. Learn and explore with like-minded participants. 

Upcoming Workshops and Events

Mar 22 - Online Spirit Circle - Messages from Spirit with 3 Readers

Mar 28 & Mar 29 Online Dream Interpretation, Dream Incubation & Conscious Dreaming 2 Day Course


What's New? Visit my blog to read about my new meditations, personal visions, original poems and stories.

Sharon Sananda Kumara's Blog


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